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I have read the declaration, and I accept the conditions set forth therein.

Declaration related to the permission to access non-public areas on the ACICS servers and the handling of documents and data, including authorization to use participants' personal data in the ACICS electronic applications.
The participant undertakes to use the information he or she receives within the electronic applications, solely as intended to support the standards development work, to desist from exploiting the information for other purposes, and to respect the relevant ACICS rules and national data protection and copyright legislation. This obligation on the participant survives termination of his or her participation in the ACICS systems. The username and password is personal, and shall not be passed on to unauthorized persons. The participant however may request a trusted person (e.g. assistant) to perform certain operations on his/her behalf and entrust this person with log-in and password for this purpose ensuring that the person reads and accepts the conditions for participation as presented here. The participant remains responsible for operations done by the trusted person using his/her username and password. The participant consents to his or her personal contact information being used and shared to support the work of the electronic collaboration and, in particular, for the administration of access rights in connection with international (and/or regional/national) standardization in the electronic applications. The permission to access protected working areas depends on the authorization of a user by the ACICS member body or liaison organization which has appointed the user. A member body or liaison organization may decide at their discretion to withdraw this permission.