Reviewers perform two essential functions in the ACICS accreditation process: They review programs and institutions that voluntarily request peer review; and they provide a written report of the review to the commission. Reviewers are senior professionals who are knowledgeable about accreditation programs and institutions. They have experience with accreditation, self-study, and/or program consulting.

Reviewers must meet ACICS qualifications in order to apply. They must be:

  1. academically qualified, having earned graduate degrees in disciplines related to business management and accreditation administration
  2. qualified professionals who have gained the respect of their peers through their involvement in professional activities
  3. experts who have one or more domains of expertise related to program or institution operations experienced consultants, having conducted self-studies, reviewed business programs, or served with other accreditation programs
  4. effective communicators who possess demonstrated communication skills, team-building skills, and report-writing skills


Role of Reviewers

Reviewers typically function as fact finders for ACICS, taking on the roles of observers, verifiers, reporters, and evaluators.? The first task of reviewers is to read the self-study report carefully and thoughtfully and evaluate the narrative and supporting documents against the standards. This evaluation process will guide the on-site observation and verification activities.

During the site visit, reviewers:

  1. observe programs, facilities, equipment, and supplies
  2. verify the accuracy of statements made in the self-study report (For example, reviewers examine selected documents and interview administrators and staff.)
  3. report the results of interviews and observations
  4. evaluate whether the site appears to meet the ACICS standards report the results of their findings in a final team report


These roles may shift depending on the specific task being undertaken before, during, and after the visit.

Becoming an ACICS reviewer

Accreditation professionals who are interested in being considered as ACICS reviewers must first apply by submitting an application form, which includes:

  1. Cover letter indicating why you are interested in becoming a site evaluator, your familiarity with accreditation and administration, a brief summary of your professional activities, and a summary of what you believe to be your strengths with regard to site evaluation.
  2. A resume that includes educational background, nature and length of experience in the field and in consulting or serving with review teams, and relevant professional involvement in appropriate associations, such as publications, presentations, etc.
  3. Names and phone numbers of two references familiar with your professional qualifications.


Qualified applicants will be contacted to attend a required reviewer workshop. For further information contact ACICS.

Please fill out and submit the form below. You will be redirected to a page with the downloadable form and instructions: