The sequence of recognition review will normally be as follows:

  1. Accrediting organization files letter of intent and review fee to apply for ACICS recognition.
  2. ACICS sends accrediting organization recognition review materials.
  3. Accrediting organization returns eligibility portion of application to ACICS.
  4. Committee makes recommendation on eligibility for Board of Directorsˇ¦ consideration and notifies accrediting organization.
  5. Board of Directors considers Committee recommendation on eligibility and, if indicated by ACICS Recognition Policy and Procedures, provides accrediting organization with opportunity to appear before the Board.
  6. Accrediting organization completes recognition self-evaluation and forwards to ACICS staff. If requested by the accrediting organization, ACICS staff will provide consultation.
  7. Third party comment, if any, is due in ACICS office and forwarded for comment to accrediting organization as indicated by ACICS Recognition Policy and Procedures.
  8. Accrediting organization response and recognition self-evaluation is forwarded to Committee.
  9. Accrediting organization makes public presentation to Committee, Committee sends recommendation on recognition to Board of Directors, and Committee notifies accrediting organization of recommendation.
  10. Accrediting organization response, if any, is due to Committee.
  11. Board of Directors considers Committee recommendation and, if necessary, provides accrediting organization opportunity to appear before the Board.
  12. Board of Directors reconsiders recognition, if requested.
  13. In developing the schedule, ACICS staff will make reasonable accommodations for the accrediting organizationˇ¦s internal review procedures pertinent to the recognition process.


An application must be submitted and approved by ACICS prior to the initiation of any activity, including entire programs. Principles and guidelines for described in ACICS Accreditation Criteria must be followed in the development courses and programs. The institution must secure the approval of ACICS before it advertises recruits, enrolls.

All documents must be completed in English and submitted electronically.
Please be sure to include contact information for all parties involved in the program application. ACICS must have the institutionˇ¦s corporate representative contact information as well as the preparerˇ¦s contact information.


Application Process


Institution STEP 1 - Do7cument Preparation

Download and complete all required documents:
ˇE Application Form?

In addition to the above document, prepare the following for submission:

  1. Organization Chart
  2. Introduction of organization e.g., mission, goal, history, etc.
  3. List contact information of management team
  4. Latest financial report of the organization
  5. Government certificate or letter of approval of organization


The application Fee for the ˇ§hostˇ¨ institution is US$1,000.

If a brand new program, not already approved by ACICS is proposed for delivery, institutions must also submit a New Program Application and related documents in addition to the application and pay the appropriate fee(s).

Institution STEP 2 - Purchase application

A nonrefundable fee of US$1,000 per program is required for all applications ˇV first location.?t

Submission of identical applications at multiple locations: If an identical application is submitted for multiple locations at the same time, the first application fee is US$1,000 and each subsequent application fee is US$1,000. A complete application must be submitted for each location. ACICS staff will verify uniformity of identical applications submitted.

Institution STEP 3 - Upload and submit documents listed

IMPORTANT: The institution must secure the approval of ACICS before it advertises, recruits, enrolls, or starts any programs.

ACICS/Institution STEP 4 - Visit conducted (if applicable)

Institution STEP 5 - Submit payment for visit invoice

Institutions will receive an invoice sent by Postal mail. In addition, institutions can view any outstanding invoices via their ACICS login.

Institution STEP 6 - Visit Response (if applicable)

Institutions will be provided detailed instructions on response deadlines and are required to meet the stated deadline to be considered by Committee for approval.

ACICS STEP 7 ˇV Notification

ACICS Staff will send notification of the Committee decision via email and regular postal mail.

Applicant institutions can application form via e-mail to